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Bringing a commercial “feel” to government media contracting has distinguished us from our competitors. With the establishment of Crewestone Technologies Commercial Division – Cynergy Media Group, Crewestone is poised to enter the commercial arena with game changing intensity.

Cynergy Media Group (CMG) leverages the experience of Crewestone Technologies broadcast media industry principals and experience in High Definition production services. CMG is home to the largest green screen cyclorama in the region with a top shelf virtual set design powered by the same software used in network broadcast facilities. We employ the highest level of production equipment, post production services, and staff to ensure our clients are “wowed” each time we engage in a project.

In addition to production support and services, CMG also provides media marketing support and content development for original programming. We are Hampton Roads “best kept secret” in production. Cynergy Media Group… Clean, Current, Creative.


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